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Why you need flexibility to succeed

You are driven, you are motivated, you want to get that goal no matter what. I get that. I know that feeling. People like us have strong drive and determination but sometimes we can overlook the benefits of being flexible.

You might be thinking "but flexibility in reaching my goals sounds like a cop out". It sounds like excuses. But it isn't. Being flexible means you won't break and give up. You won't face repeated failure and bow out of your dreams altogether.

This doesn't mean you have to lower your goal expectations. Instead it means are willing to change the method or approach to achieve the goal. If we just work super hard following our business plans without making any changes that super hard work effort can go to waste. I have yet to meet a person in business who hasn't had to change their approach in order to achieve their success.

It is important to always step back and evaluate your business plan, or your method to achieve your goal. It is even more important to allow yourself some space to do this after you've made mistakes so you can learn from them.

You know the old saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? Yes? Well let's aim not to do that. Lets aim build flexibility into our plans so that we can change, evolve and grow towards our goals.


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