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Consistency is more important than perfection

If perfectionism is holding your dreams to ransom then listen up.

No one is perfect and nothing can ever be perfect. Yet we lean on this idea of perfectionism.

Some people do it subconsciously to procrastinate. Thinking if I can't do it perfectly, I better wait until I can and the conditions are perfect and the timing is perfect. This is the perfect way to procrastinate because we all know that time is never.

Some do it because they are control freaks and need perfection in everything. I used to be like this. Until I learnt nothing is perfect but also that perfectionism holds you back. I could hold back and wait til I have the perfect post. Yet by the time I was finally happy with it, it would be too late to help those people trapped in the perfection bubble too. Or I could do a post that was ok, and post it and encourage people, like you, to let go of perfectionism and go for it.

Some people hold back because they think unless they do it perfectly there was no point doing it at all. This is where consistency comes in. Consistency is like a magic trick. Because if you strive to be consistent, even if you don't reach perfection each time, your effort and work still adds up to being worth it. Over time thanks to consistency it will pay off.

For example: If you are aiming to engage with your social media followers for your brand or service and you need to consistently post something daily. Regardless of spelling mistakes, or errors, you are still consistently engaging with them, building a relationship that takes time to nurture. The brands or services that freak out and won't post unless it is perfect, don't get as much engagement and don't get to grow their relationships with their customers as quickly.

I see it time and time again with clients and blog posts. They say, oh I can't post this yet, I need to look over it, get a friend to rework it and then work on it a bit harder before I post it. Those clients have no blog posts when we meet again in six months. However the clients that say "ok, no matter what, I'm going to write a blog post three times a week and post it even if it's not my version of perfect." These clients have engagement and content on their website that adds up to helping their SEO. The perfectionist client may have one amazing blog post that is super perfect, but because there is no consistency, their SEO does not benefit. The clients that are consistent and avoid the perfection trap reap the rewards of it all adding up.

The same goes for exercise. You could have a day where you wake up late, and its leaves you only 20mins for exercise before you need to get going. The perfectionist will not do any exercise as they will see it as not being able to do the full 1hr. However the person who is focused on consistency will still exercise in that 20mins, because they know each amount of effort they put into their health, adds up. Doing something, is better than doing nothing.

What are you holding back on due to your idea of perfection? What could you be doing more consistently?


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