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SALES: What vs Why

It isn't WHAT you sell as a product or offer as a service that will inspire people to buy! It is your "WHY". Why are you selling it, why did you create it, why are you so passionate about it.

Sure some people will buy things cause they need one and it's cheap. BUT the customers who will be loyal and become part of your community will be the ones who align with your values and your mission. These customers are so valuable. These customers are the ones you want to reach out to and connect with. These customers will reach out and connect with others like them to help you complete your mission and your "why."

So when you go out today to hustle for your business, make sure you are sharing your "why". This is the thing that matters most.

Grab a pen and paper and get started on writing down your mission statement. Make sure it is visible to you on your desk or office space. Look at it everyday. It will not only motivate you to keep on going but also remind you to remind others.


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