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How to get more listeners to your podcast

Attention all entrepreneurs with podcasts. As you may or may not know I have been producing two podcasts for the past year and a bit. It was a new field I decided to dive into to increase my reach for a new goal of mine to help empower women in divorce.

Yes the tech side was tricky at first but it doesn't take too long to learn the ropes. But what I was finding hard was not producing the podcast but getting actual listeners. There are sooooo many podcasts out there now it is near impossible to stand out. Traditional social media marketing is very hard to do because most of it is imagery or video. Podcasters are more comfortable in just the sound world and that is what you are selling, sound. That is when I stumbled across Wavve.

It turns your podcast audio into amazing videos to share on social media. It means your preview is more likely to be listened too. I means you are reaching a bigger audience. It means more people listening. It's a tempting taste of your whole episode. It is a way to hook your audience into listening to the whole thing.

Marketing podcasts is a whole new world for me and if it is for you, do yourself a favour and check it out.

For more information check out the link --------Wavve. You can thank me later.


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