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Why should you embrace the uncertainty?

You want to know, what is happening, when it will happen and how. We are programmed to find this information before we make business decisions or any decision for that matter to lower the risk of failure. We have forecasting for businesses, cashflow predictions and market projections. In this modern day, we have been spoilt with information and data, we heavily rely on it to control our future decisions. But right now, we can't even predict if there will be toilet paper at the shops next Wednesday. This is not the first time we have uncertainty in our world, nor will it be the last. The way I see it, you have two options. You can 1. Watch the 24hr news channel for every scrap of information and analysing it until you are blue in the face and then be too paralysed to make any decision for your businesses. OR 2. Embrace the uncertainty, make decisions and take action.

I see some people currently in a mode like those old movies where they are stuck on the train track paralysed with fear. They just keep watching the train coming until it rolls over them, or if they are lucky some super cute super hero pushes them off the tracks. Please don't be one of those people. If you feel like you are stuck, call out for help, for fresh eyes for a friend to get you off the tracks, literally any direction is better than standing in the path of that train. Margie Warrell once said "Ten years from now there will be people who have achieved extraordinary success in every field of endeavor. While we don’t know who they will be, one thing is sure - they won’t be people who have played it safe and stuck to 'business as usual'. Rather, they will be people who have continued to stretch themselves, to forge new ground despite the unpredictability it invites, and to risk failure in the process. Because if one thing is certain, certainty can be comfortable and demand little from us, but clinging to it limits our future, stifles potential , shrinks opportunity and precludes us from ever realizing just how much we're capable of doing."

We do not know much about what will happen in the coming weeks, or months. But you know, your business, you know if that train is coming, you know if you need to change direction, and use that annoying word that everyone is throwing around "pivot". Embrace the uncertainty and give it all you've got.


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