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The value of failure

I learnt something whilst being a primary teacher that has helped me be a business coach and also a parent. I saw two types of children at school. One type had their parents pester, hover and push and made sure they never failed. The other types parents didn't do everything and gave their children responsibilities and sometimes the children failed. The surprising thing was, the kids who failed, learnt valuable lessons whilst in the safe environment of primary school. Meaning the consequences of them failing at something in primary school isn't nearly as drastic as the consequences of failing at something in the workplace. Every time we fail, we learn. If a child didn't do their homework they had the consequences at school. 9 times out of 10 they never forgot their homework again. However the kids that had their parents constantly on their backs and had constant arguments about doing homework and projects done, in the end got their work done. They didn't ever get a chance to fail or face the consequences at school. The problem with this, is they never learn how to motivate and work for themselves. It is only after some failures in the adult world when the motivation of parents pestering no longer exists do we then have a chance to learn from failing. Parents are not sitting next to their kids at 30 urging them to get their work done and achieve their goals. Model your efforts, model your work ethic, let your kids fail and learn those lessons. Watch them grow to become goal getters as adults. (p.s Thanks Mum)


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