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The three C's you need in your biz

The three C's of what it really takes to make it. Confidence is key as they say. And it really is.

When I started out selling my swimwear to stores, I had to first get them to agree to meet me in person so I could show them the range. This was hard at first! I hate phone calls. They freak me out. But I slowly built up the confidence of calls through practice. The more confidence I had the more convinced the buyers were that my swimwear was perfect for their stores. Confidence gets you far in the biz game. It isn't a skill everyone is born with, it takes practice and time. So get started now. Connectedness: I couldn't have achieved nearly as much as I have without my network of amazing biz women friends. Although a little hard to go out at the moment during isolation, there are still ways to build your network. You can create a network yourself, by joining online networking groups of people in your area. You can go over the people you already know and create a chat group that people can get each others opinions. You can find like minded people on instagram and follow and friend them. You can befriend similar businesses online and do collaborations. Networks and connections are one of the most valuable resources you can have in business, it is worth all the time and effort you put into it. Conviction is important. You need conviction in what you do in your business. You really need to have a strong belief that what you do or create is going to make a difference. You also need to have conviction in your goals. Everyone can make a goal. Not everyone has the conviction to see it through. How do you build conviction? Well I clarify in my mind each morning what I am doing and why. It really cements it in my mind and gives me a push when I need it. I also suggest trying really hard to move away from negative self talk, focus on the positive and strengthen your conviction. With these three C's you really can boost your chance of success. All it takes is a little self reflection time and some time making friends. Sounds like the best business life hack ever!


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