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The forced and fake mistake

It is so important to remember that you know what is right for your business and brand. You've grown it and you work in it each day.

You may do a course or speak to a coach or a friend who says, "you must do this, it is the way everyone is now doing it." If it feels forced or an unnatural fit for your business then it probably is.

Forcing anything in business is a bad idea. Customers can tell when a brand is authentic and when it is being fake. So particularly in marketing if you are doing something that isn't authentic to you and your brand, the customers will know. This can cause mistrust between your brand and the customer.

So if there is a new idea or way of doing things that you want to try but it doesn't fit with your brand and business, see if you can tweak it to make it more authentically you.

The way to do business isn't set in stone. Make your own way and keep it real and authentic. Forced and fake isn't the way to increase customer trust and it isn't the way of the future.


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