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Short term and long term fixes for stress

Stress in this moment is not to be ignored. Stress according to Lineline is the body's way of responding to demand or pressures. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences . In many cases stress is a healthy reaction. It helps us cope with life's challenges. However too much stress, or prolonged stress can affect our physical and mental health.

Being #worldhealthday it is important that we focus on our mental health during this trying time. So how do we make sure we lower our stress levels to keep ourselves healthy? There are short term fixes and long term changes you can make.

Short Term Fixes

1. Use a stress ball

2. Deep breathing

3. Get into nature

4. Mindfulness/Meditation

Long Term fixes

1. Define the underlying cause of your stress

2. Create a plan b on how to rectify this underlying cause even if you never use the plan b knowing you have one, can decrease your stress about the main cause.

3. Give yourself time everyday to run through the thought's in your mind. Good times to do this is when you are exercising, or when you are awake before the kids (if that is possible)

Take care of yourself during this time beautiful humans.


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