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Perseverance Pays Off

Surprise, I just took you 10 years into the future ⏳ in my pink time machine. I am taking you to talk to your future self 👵 in two different time lines. One time line you overcame this crazy COVD-19 obstacle and still achieved your goals. In the second timeline, you didn't really manage it. 🙇‍♀️ What would successful older you tell yourself to do. 🤔What would they say to you really matters. I bet it isn't all about business either.💖

What would the other older you beg 🙏 you to change or beg you not to give up. If you have the time, write 📄these imaginary meetings down. Write the things you think your future self would really wish you would be focusing and doing during these days at home. If you ever feel like just giving up go back and re read them . Hard work and perseverance pays off 💪. It's just bigger problems give you the reward and glory much later. Future self will thank you, for what you do now.


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