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How to keep learning when you have NO time.

One of the key principles of successful people and their brands is that they never stop learning.

The business game is always changing. Sales, marketing, networking, product development and manufacturing is constantly changing. The business world looks nothing like it did 10 years ago when I started. One thing I had to do was keep up and keep learning. I had one massive road block with that. I was a mum of three little kids. I was running most of the business in the early days myself and I never had time to sit down and read the latest book.

So... I found other ways and you can too.

You say you have NO time, and I believe you, but you kind of do. You have time whilst you are doing the washing up, you have time when you are exercising and you have time while you commute.


When it comes to finding the time, I always suggest to people to do the following steps:

1. Write down everything you do in one day as you do it. Note the time and what the action was. Note it in your phone and keep a track of everything. Even going to the loo.

2. Sit down with this data you collected and see if you can highlight any times when you are doing "mindless" tasks. Such as grocery shopping, walking, washing up, cooking dinner, waiting for kids at school pick up, sitting at extra curricular classes for the kids, lunch break, driving to work, driving to school pick up, vacuuming, having a shower etc.

3. Choose three or four of these highlighted moments and see how you could fit in listening to a business podcast, an inspiring audible book or watch some you tube clips.

4. Commit to two audio books, or podcasts a month and listen in the short 5-10min blocks you have found. You will find you end up finishing them before the month is out.

I listened to the latest podcasts and audio books when I do the following

1. on the way from school drop off in the morning (10mins)

2. when I am cleaning the house (15mins a day)

3. while I cook dinner (20mins)

4. while I have my shower (10mins)


You might not have time though to read the WHOLE book on the latest sales ideas. But I bet someone out there in youtube land, the podcast world or in instagram country has read it. There are thousands of accounts dedicated to summarising the latest and greatest information for entrepreneurs just like you.

Let them do the hard yards and read the books, then listen to them whilst you do the washing up to get the run down. If you really want to read the book, use audible or kindle and listen to it.


Podcast are a great way to keep learning. There are some great podcasts out there that interview Entrepreneur's or really successful people happy to share their ideas and tips. These are the greatest ways to keep learning.

Online Courses

There are also some great ONLINE courses you can subscribe to and work on in your own time. If you are super struggling with one particular aspect of your business this is when the courses can really pay off. You might need to spend one hour a week on it in your weekend time but it will pay off in the long run. You can work through these courses in your own time usually at your own pace so there isn't much pressure if things get too busy.


The other way to fully commit to learning more is an intensive masterclass. There are a lot of workshops out there where you just book one whole day where you work and learn about and on your business as opposed to working constantly working in your business. I tried to commit to at least two a year, to help me stay in the loop with the latest platforms and techniques for sales and marketing. There are free ones and there are costly ones. But if you can cross out just two days a year, that is better than not learning anything all year right?

Thanks to the modern day world, you can learn, and you can learn whilst you are doing mundane tasks of your day to day life. If you are truly committed to bettering yourself, your knowledge and in turn your brand and business, these ways really can help.

Find what works for you, if you like listening, or watching or taking two days off a year to fully get involved. Either way, a few mins each day ads up and a few business tips, books and podcasts a year will make you more business savvy and your success potential improves greatly.


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