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How to cope with being pushed out of our comfort zones.

There are countless courses, books and ted talks on how to get out of your comfort zone for a reason. It is hard for anyone to get out of their comfort zone but the benefits are evident. I guess if we wanted to take a positive look at 2020, the bonus for everyone is we've all been pushed out of our comfort zone. Metaphorically speaking: instead of opting to jump out of the plane and taking all the psychological preparation required to take that jump, we've have all been pushed out of the plane. So bonus, we are all going to go through some uncomfortable phases of growth in 2020. Wether we like it or not, we've all taken the jump out of the plane. So what do you do when you are free falling? How do you navigate things outside your comfort zone? I'm going to take you through the three phases Discomfort, Anxieties & Clear Headed. Just like taking that jump out of a plane, initially you are going to feel discomfort, (that oh crap moment when the wind pushes your face back so far, you look like a dog with it's head out the car window) We all are going to be struggling with the changes and many of us, have gone through the "oh crap" moment now. We are all in uncharted territory, so it is totally ok to feel this way. The important thing to note here, is DO NOT GET STUCK here. I still see some people stuck in this phase now. They are just spiralling over and over again. They pour over the news for more and more oh crap moments. They complain and what the government is doing and not doing. But they need to change it up and move to the next phase to get through this. The next phase you need to conqour is anxiety. We need to acknowledge our anxieties for how the changes are going to effect our lives, families and our businesses. Anxieties about failure are a biggie for lots of people. As we all suddenly realised what worked in the past isn't working now due to all these changes. Face your anxieties, face them and challenge them. Push through this fear stage "DO NOT GET STUCK HERE". Many things we are worrying about may not happen, some of the things might. But there is not point being stuck in this worry phase. As worrying doesn't solve anything. Once you've fallen a fair bit from the initial jump out of that plane, you are still free falling and still WAY out of your comfort zone, but things will become a little bit less scary, you've faced those fears and are now moving on. Your mind may have had time to then focus on solutions instead of problems. This is the phase to be in. The clarity and solution phase. Once you make space in your thoughts for solutions by clearing away the panic and fear, you are on track to adjust to this new normal.

You can look down and view the lay of the land and view what your business needs. You can see what direction you need to take it in, to get it safely to the next phase. Your parachute will then pop. The measures you put in place and the changes you make, will make you feel like you are more in control what what is happening. Then you can steer your business with a clear head. You will make decisions that are measured and without panic. You will eventually land safely on the ground. You will by this time have up skilled like no other. Your perseverance and ability to face your fears will have paid off. What you have learnt will be more valuable than anything you could read in a book. You will feel on top of the world, once you've gotten through this.

I know we are all still pretty much in the free falling stage. Some of us are still in the "oh crap" phase. Whatever phase you are in right now, I hope that you know that no matter what, you will eventually land and you will come out of this, with at least the reward of monumental growth.

If anyone ever needs to discuss ideas, solutions or their anxieties, I am always happy to chat. Together this is an easier jump and it is comforting to know we are all in this together and we are not alone.


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