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How to cope during this tricky time. A Bossy Mummy Pep talk!

Are you finding it tricky to find a pathway through this that works for you and your business?

1. Don't be so hard on yourself. No one is getting it right and nailing it first go and if they are they are not nailing absolutley everything first go. Everyone is learning the ropes and a new way. 2. Did you make a plan and it didn't work? That is totally ok. Did you make 5 plans and they didn't work? Also totally ok. What is important is you restart and try again with a new plan. Until you find one that works. It is ok, to let go of one strategy if it isn't working. It is also OK to change your plans as the situation around us changes. 3. This time will go down in history books yes but everything you do, everything you try will eventually be a distant memory. It's important we don't get too panicked, freaked out, or frazzled because that is when we tend to stop thinking properly. That is when you might do something in your businesses that is the equivalent to someone buying a years worth of toilet paper. Let's not be remembered in history for doing anything like that. 4. If it all gets too much. Press the reset button. Take a deep breath and refocus on what is important and one what you can control. Then give your mates a call and ask for help. Please remember, this too shall pass.


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