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How thinking like a 4 year old can help with self doubt.

Here are some Bossy Mummy ways to kick that self doubt to the curb. Tried and tested by me:

How thinking like a toddler can help your self doubt.

1. Say your doubts out loud. Seems like a strange thing to do so do it alone with the door shut. Challenge your self talk. Say it out loud. Think of how you would respond to someone saying that to you about their own concerns.

Sometimes when we say our doubts instead of just think them, we realise just how silly they sound. 2. Just start shipping Seth Godin, using the term "start shipping". He found a lot of people stop just short of finally achieving their goals. He found they are worried about what will happen when they finally share with the world what they've done or created. They worry so much they keep working on the project until it is perfect. The problem with this is, nothing will ever be perfect. So he says to "start shipping". Or start sharing, start selling, start collaborating, start going for it!

3. Pretend you are a 4 year old Ask a lot of "why" questions. Self doubt may be routed in something that you may need to realise or work on. By constantly asking why, to your inner critic, you may eventually get to the bottom of the issue and be able to move on from it. Sometimes our self doubt, our procrastination is really based on something that we need to work on. By avoiding the answers to why, you may never know the truth. No matter the reason, once you've sorted it, procrastination and self doubt become a lot easier to handle.

Looking forward to seeing you do a super awesome job this week! Say hello to your inner critic for me. Make sure you shut the door when you have that one to one chat with yourself.


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