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How the instant success culture can demotivate you.

We live in a world where everything is instant. Instant coffee, instant photos, instant feedback. But it doesn't work in the business world. If a founder says they were an instant success, I rarely believe them. So so soooooooo much effort goes into growing them. This instant success culture has caused a disconnect from reality. In doing so, its deflated start up dreams. Some start ups who get upset when they don't see instant results. This is a problem. If you are expecting instant results and they don't happen, you will then lose motivation. The best way forward for start ups is to set themselves realistic goals of success. Take small steps on the pathway to get to that level that they want. If you find yourself launching your biz and worrying about why it hasn't gone bananas in the first few months, remind yourself of the following. 1. When Airbnb started back in 2008, it struggled to find any footing; prominent investors all over Silicon Valley passed on the idea, and the team had to resort to some patchwork financial fixes -- such as creating custom cereal boxes—to make ends meet. 2. When REDDIT launched in 2005, it had zero visitors. It wasn't until they started fake accounts and discussed issues amongst themselves did it start to take off. 3. In 1997 Apple was operating at a loss. Source So don't be so hard on yourself. Don't expect instant results. Keep plugging through. A great tip I recommend is record your journey and struggles. Do it with the view that one day you too can share your success story with the reality people really need to hear!


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