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Growth: how sometimes cutting back can help achieve it.

How many plates are you spinning at the moment. Entrepreneurs are notorious for having multiple ideas, projects or businesses on the go. I bet right now you are looking at or are doing more than one project. Which is totally fine. I know I aways had my hand in and still do more than one venture.

The only time this becomes a problem is when and if you notice your main project or your main dream suffering due to lack of attention, time and resources. We are distracted by shiny object ideas. It's who Entrepreneurs are and how we are wired to think. But we need to make sure we focus these ideas and our energy to move the most important ideas forward.

If you have four projects in different spaces and you work on them each week equally, the progress and growth is going to be slower than if you had one project and you worked on it solely each week. If you find your most beloved idea and goal is suffering due to lack of attention, you may need to adjust your priorities and therefore adjust your time. Maybe you could put some ideas on the back burner whilst you really push your main project into fruition.

What could you cut back on to help growth?


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