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Four work from home mistakes you might be making.

Working from home, is new to a lot of people. Never fear, I've mastered the art of working from home with kids. If you wan't to achieve your goals and be just as productive as you were in the workplace pay attention to these four mistakes I've noticed some people are making. 1. Make sure your emails and messages from others are dictating your work day and schedule. Before you even touch your email inbox, you should make sure you have three top priorities that you want to achieve scheduled into your timetable for the day. Then when you open your emails if there are tasks that are given to you, make sure you schedule them in and around your main goals and priorities. This ensures that you don't spend the whole day being busy and end with that "what did I actually achieve" moment. Remember just because it is in an email doesn't mean you have to do it immediately. 2. Make sure you are not sucked down the tunnel of distractions. If you receive a text message from a friend, make sure you don't then jump on your phone and check instagram, the news, facebook, tiktok and everything else. Before you know it, you'll have lost 1hr of time if you add up all the distractions during the day. Jump on your notifications in settings and turn off notifications for any app that you know distracts you. Then schedule time for yourself to do some social media during the day. This way you are looking at social media on your timetable, not when anyone decides to comment or post something to you. 3. You forget to breathe. This means scheduled breaks. There are some great aps, the CALM app or Headspace app. They have 5-10 min mindfulness sessions or meditations you can do. I am not really into too much wishy washy stuff, but it works, it helps me to continue with my day with a clearer head. It also just reminds me to breathe. On that note... take a deep breath now. 4. Make sure you say no to multi tasking. It is so so tempting, to have Netflix on in the background, or the 24hr news so you can watch the latest update, BUT, it takes space up in your thoughts. It limits your ability to fully concentrate on the here and now task you are completing. Make sure you have clear times set for your work, and treat it as work, not sliding into a grey area between work and home. It is tempting but it won't help you achieve your goals.


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