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Four Steps to Starting

Had a really good idea but won't start down the path of trying it out? You are not the first. Richie Norton described in his book "the Power of Starting Something Stupid" that people put off their ideas because someone said it was stupid. But he goes on to point out that "seemly stupid ideas have often formed some of the worlds leading innovations and businesses."

Examples of "stupid ideas" or ideas that have been labeled by others as stupid are

  • Doggles - glasses for dogs. Bring in around 3 million in sales a year.

  • The Telephone - described by western union in 1876 as "inherently of no value


Therefore your first step of starting out is to ignore the haters. If you feel like it is a good idea then try. The only way you will know is if you try.


The second step is to imagine yourself on your death bed. Imagine what you would have regretted no doing, not trying. Would you regret not giving this idea a go? Let your future regrets serve as todays motivation.


The third step is to break down your idea into smaller pieces. Maybe you are dreaming of designing some new tech, but you don't actually even know how to reboot your computer and therefore don't even know where to start. That doesn't mean your dream stops there. It means you recruit someone to help you with the skills you need. Your main focus to start should be to create a prototype. Worrying about selling and marketing later. Just get your idea into reality first. Whatever your idea is break it down into managable chunks. Mini goals to focus on that are much less intimidating than your end goal. This makes it seem much more achievable.


The fourth step is not to worry about failure. There is always a risk of failure but you need to be driven by your future regrets of not trying. Write down why you want to achieve what you are doing. Focus on that. Failure may happen but you can always adjust your plan and move forward again. I haven't yet met a successful entrepreneur who hasn't had failure in their story or had to face some fears. If you don't face your fears of failure you may find it pops up in other ways like procrastination or self sabotage. You need to be aware of your fear and make sure it isn't holding you back.

If you've got a great idea and need help starting it I would love to chat. Now hurry up and get out there with your ideas. The world needs them.


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