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Collaboration is the key to success

I've seen it, I've experienced it and I won't deny it. Women who collaborate together celebrate success together.

We've been subjected to the competitive comparison life of some women in the past. I even think the media plays up the dra

ma on shows and reality shows to get good ratings. But I don't think that is how women really are or how they work.

We work by inspiring, motivating, collaborating and sharing with others. I see it on instagram on the daily. I saw it in my first business. I went from meeting ladies at trade shows in the baby business, and then ended up going to my first overseas trade show with the help of these same ladies. The support and encouragement I received help me to have the confidence to put my brand out there and to take it to the next level. Without that I think it would have taken at least four more years. I've experienced behind the scene tips on how to get into stores and what to say and how to avoid making mistakes from my competitors. We all ended up succeeding. We all ended up better off for helping each other out.

I am not saying share your secrets to everyone. I am saying share your time, your help , your expertise and in return you will also reap the benefit of their wisdom and knowledge too.

Find yourself a network, a group or create your own. Go out and venture into the the collaborative world. It is a much better space and I love it.

Check out @thebelleevolution @ausmumpreneur for some options for networking. I'd love to hear if you have anymore you could recommend too?


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