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Cold calling doesn't work but neither does "no calling"

I've noticed with the younger generation there is a real phobia of just picking up the phone. No one wants to directly speak to anyone anymore. I don't think it is necessarily a call that makes the difference in a sales, BUT it is the communication and the personal connection you create with your customers that matters.

You can do this via phone, email, zoom, face to face or even dm on instagram. What matters is you are showing that you care enough about their business that you are willing to spend time in your day to communicate with them and help them solve a problem they have.

Pay attention to who your customers are. What is the best form of communication they prefer? Ask them this from the get go. If they don't like talking on the phone, and you never ask them that question, you won't get far.

Selling really comes down to relationships, and relationships are built around communication. So if you really want to have a relationship with an amazing store, brand or community, start engaging with them. You couldn't spend your time more productively then talking to potential customers.

Creating relationships and communities is the new way of doing business. How are you ensuring you are doing this?


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