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Businesses making the most of the 2020 plot twist!

Stop what you are doing, and check 🤓 out these 3 Aussie businesses who are making the most out of the current plot twist! They are changing it up, thinking outside the box and going for it. 1. @eden_macquariepark Sydney’s first plant drive thru Saturday from 10am-3pm. You are able to drive into their underground car park and shop selected plants from your car. Plants and products on display for you to view > choose what you want > tap and go – all without leaving your car. 2. #beenleighrum Beenleigh Distillery owner Angelo Kotses originally just planned to start making sanitiser to keep the company's own workers safe but now the distillery will also provide the QLD state with a supply of the product for schools and frontline workers. 3. @tinytutusballet Despite the coronavirus chaos, tiny tutus continue to twirl across the suburbs thanks to online lessons for little ballerinas. (Channel 9 News picked up the story and they got even more publicity)

What can we learn from these and many other businesses out there making a u turn to keep them going?

* Each one of these businesses has kept their core business intact, ballet, distilling and plants.

* Two have just changed the delivery method, one is now online, the other is now a drive thru.

* One has kept its core in place but changed its product to meet the market.

Is there a new product you could produce using the current machines, workforce etc you have in place?

Is there a new delivery method you could try? Online is the go to for most businesses but there are other options as the the plant business has proven.

The good news is there is hope. People and their businesses are adapting. If you ever need to chat to someone about how you could adapt please shoot me an email and I would be more than happy to brainstorm with you.


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