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Bravery in the hard times

No one can escape the hard times. We just cannot. I guess in a way without hard times the good times would seem, well, less good. With the economic downturn and the way business is done being turned on its head, we can safely say this is a bit of a hard time for all of us.

One thing you can tell yourself when you are struggling is that nothing lasts forever. If it is really hard, try to manage to just get through the day, set yourself the goal of facing the days troubles and getting through it. Just setting a small goal of getting through the day doesn't seem as hard as getting through the rest of the year. And if getting through the day seems too hard, aim to get yourself through the next hour. This little mind trick can really help.

Another thing you can try to do is focus on how to fix the issue, what can you do to get through the hard times? Throw yourself into this challenge with abandonment. If I know I am working towards making things better and I have steps and tasks I can complete to get me there, I focus on those and those alone. We could sit there and wallow in how bad our situation is, or we could sit there and spend that same energy on making it better.

Regardless of what you face., Try your hardest to find three things each day to be grateful for. The day may be horrible and your situation may be the worst ever, but the sun still looks beautiful as it sets. A hug from my daughters never goes to waste. I can always find three things that are good in even just a small moment of my day.

So if you are feeling like you are struggling at the moment I want you to know how amazing you are, how brave you are and how wonderful you are. I want you to know that the world is so much a better place for you being in it. I want you to know that all things end and whatever struggle you are facing it will end eventually too.

I am going out today into what I know will be a hard time for me today. But I will face it with gratitude and bravery and hope. This too shall pass.


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