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Are you busy or productive?

Are you busy or productive? It is a question you should ask yourself when you get the chance.

The difference between being busy and being productive is the tasks you do throughout the day are either leading you to an end goal of your choosing or they are just tasks for the sake of tasks.

Some people see the status of busy as a good thing and they wear it like a badge of honour. I am going to go ahead and rock the boat here and point out that being busy isn't really what anyone wants or at least it isn't what I want. I want a day where I can stop and take a break. I want to be able to have time to see friends and time for myself. If I am too busy all the time the rest of my world gets left behind and let's be honest, no matter how much you love your business the rest of your life matters just as much if not more.

Once you see being busy as not something to aspire to, we need to adjust our focus and aim on being productive. In the end I feel being productive gets more done than "being busy" ever will. I could choose to be busy everyday. I could choose the world to order me around through emails, phone calls and tasks I am told by others I should be doing. Or I can choose to be productive and choose the tasks that are linked to my goals and dreams and do those as a priority. I can choose to act on tasks sent by others in my time frame. I can choose to not be busy but still be successful.

What do you choose? You can tell already what you are choosing by looking at how you decided to live today. Did you read your emails first and then do all the tasks listed in those emails? Or did you plan your day and schedule in tasks that are linked to your goals. Did your tasks get you closer to your goal? Did at least 80% of them? Hopefully you said yes to this and you had a productive day. If you found that your tasks are not linked to your goals, you need to stop in the morning before you start looking at emails and phone calls and remind yourself of why you are working, what are your goals and how can you work towards them.

Wishing you a productive day and a few steps closer to those goals.


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