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5 ways to smash Hard Work

Hard work! I'm sorry but it works. You show me a smart hard worker and I will show you someone who is going places.

How can you encourage yourself to work hard? Here are my top tips for when I need to really dig in and get it done.

1. Surround yourself with other hard workers. Don't try and do hard work sitting next to someone watching Netflix.... it's not going to be very motivational. Find a shared workspace (once we are allowed post covid). I found working even in a public library instead of at home helped my productivity.

2. Set a timer. Pump yourself up and tell yourself I will work super hard for the next xxx hours. Then commit to it and do it. That way when those little distractions start popping up on your screen or in your face you can say, I will get to that after xxx hrs are up.

3. Set yourself a reward. It helps me every time to say, once I've done this work I will reward myself with ... Sometimes its a visit to a friends place, a episode in a tv show I've been hanging out to see or going shopping and buying myself a new dress. Give yourself a reward that matches your motivation and the level of the work you need to achieve. Don't forget the reward is also that you got it done.

4. Write on sticky note and stick it on your screen the reason why you are doing the hard work. Sometimes your hard work doesn't pay out instant results in your business. Sometimes the hard work pays out in a year down the track and that can be hard to remember. So write it down " I am doing xxxx because by doing this I will eventual achieve xxxx. If it is written on your screen you are less tempted to give up, it is really good reminder. Vision boards are also great for this.

5. Don't do it all the time. Working hard constantly isn't productive in the end because eventually you break. It is like having a car and driving it always at top speed. That car is going to break down before the car that only goes top speed some of the time. If you are well rested, and have been taking time for your self care, your hard work sessions will pay off better.


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