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5 things to do when the going gets tough...

If you are starting to doubt yourself. If you are starting to doubt if you will make it. I want you to do the following: 1. Look how far you've actually come already. Stop looking forward and take a look back. Read an old diary. Look at your old calendar. See how much hard work you've already done. See how capable you are. 2. Look at what fears you've overcome. Each step of the way you've had to face fears. You've managed to do it before. No one can be where they are right now without facing some. What worked for you in the past to give you the courage might work again. Tap into that. 3. Look at the obstacles you've already passed. Look at previous problems that really got you stuck and how you managed to get through it. Go on, give yourself a pat on the back (when no one is looking). 4. Remind yourself that this too will pass. Like everything nothing lasts forever. 5. Phone a friend. Reach out to someone you know will give you that pep talk to keep going.


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