Inside Small Business TOP 50 Small Business Leaders

It was an honour to attend the Inside Small Business Top 50 Small Business Leaders event last week and also an honour to be named as one of those top 50 small business leaders in Australia.

Inside small business magazine helps celebrate the diversity and limitless opportunity of the small business sector by releasing a report "that features stories of how fifty pioneers overcame the often not insignificant hurdles small-business owners face and forged their paths to developing and growing their small enterprises, serving their communities and the wider Australian populace and economy." inside small business

I met some wonderful other small business leaders including an amazing lady Kym Clark from She's Empowered, Qld. She created the worlds first maternity wear high vis workwear.

An amazing man called Ian Ugarte from Small is the New Big, Qld who is working to make housing affordable for younger generations.

The thing that inspired me the most about all of these amazing business leaders was the hurdles they had overcome to get to where they are today. Everyone has different battles they have to face in business and it was inspiring to hear how they have managed to overcome them!

If you are interested in reading more about these amazing business leaders and their inspiring stories just download the report and get reading today!