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AusMumpreneur Awards

Last year I was lucky enough to win AusMumpreneur of the year for 2017. It was an absolute honour and pleasure attending the event and I made many new friends. I also learnt alot. I learnt that all women are different, not everyone does it the same way and as long as we all support eachother we can achieve so so much.

The Ausmum groups is the most supportive group of business women I have ever come across. I am always able to reach out when I need help. I am never short of a helpful hand or supportive ear.

The best thing is you become a member of the tribe. I have now been friends with some of those women since the inception of Rashoodz Swimwear.

So if you would like to nominate to win an award and you have got what it takes to be a nice supportive woman in biz. Please come along and hear all the great stories and meet all the great people.

Click on the link here to be involved! Cannot wait to meet you all!!!!

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