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Three key types of people to engage with to give your brand awareness that extra oomph.

I have been recently reading Malcom Gladwells "The Tipping Point". A book about how things spread and go viral. The take away that I want to share with you today is about the three types of people believed to be the go to's for you and your brand to get the word out and to get your brand to be the next big thing.

There is a psychological phenomena called the 20/80 rule. It seems research has shown that 20% of people influence the remaining 80% of the population. According to research for example 20% of criminals do 80% of the crime. 20% of beer drinkers drink 80% of the beer. But what is most important for brand owners is 20% of people influence what 80% of people what is POPULAR, FASHIONABLE OR A TREND.

Who are these magical 20% people. Well they are broken down into three types and the magic method is to harness all three to create the potential to ride the wave of the 20/80 rule.

The first type is

1. Connectors: these are social network gurus. This book was written before social media even really had influencers so it has been right about this from the start. You need to find people who are connected, who know people, who know people. Who can get you and your brand out there. Influencers , networking pros, people who know people. These are the first type of people you need to get on board and get them talking about and spreading the news on your brand.

2. Mavens: these are the types of people who research and look at and analyse everything before they buy. They are the pro's and they are always in the know. You might go to watch their product reviews before you buy a laptop. You might ask them in a mothers group before you get your next pram. These people are seen as experts and their opinion is trusted by most. SO, you need to get mavens to learn about your product or service. You need mavens to start checking out what you have to offer and compare and research it and hopefully finally recommend it.

3. Sales People: now I don't always mean the traditional type. Sales people are people who love your product and brand. They love it so much their emotions about it are contagious. These people can spread the word and energy and excitement like a virus. You need these people in your corner. You might find them as the people who are passionately commenting on your social media or the first ones to pre order every time you release something.

If you can harness the power of these three types of people. You can create the environment that can influence the rest of the community. This is where the magic happens. So go and get recruiting. I don't mean hire them, I mean ask them to help, offer them discounts, give them freebies, collaborate and involve them in your content marketing.


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